23andMe is arguably the most popular home DNA testing company in the United States. Founded in 2006 by Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza and, Anne Wojcicki. In 2007, 23andMe offered autosomal DNA testing for ancestry.

23andMe is a pioneer in home ancestry DNA tests. They were the first company to offer this test which is now a standard in the industry.

23andMe’s saliva-based test was named “Invention of the Year” by Time Magazine in 2008.

How Does 23andMe Work?

  1. After placing an order for a 23andMe DNA test kit, you’ll typically receive it within 3 – 5 days.
  2. Spit in the 23andMe tube. Register the tube barcode for tracking purposes. Send the kit to 23andMe.
  3. Expect to receive results within 6 – 8 weeks. You will receive an email letting you that your reports are ready. Log in a start learning about your DNA!

What does 23andMe test results tell you?

23andMe tests will give you connections to others in your family, that have similar DNA. 23andMe calls this a form of a social network where you can connect with people who have opted-in to meet other family members with the same DNA profile. If you stay anonymous you’ll still get reports showing how many family members you have in the world.

Benefits of 23andMe DNA Test Results?

23andMe has a very expansive database and you can discover your DNA profile across over 1000+ regions worldwide.

The 23andMe database includes Maternal and Paternal haplogroups. A haplogroup is a genetic population of people who share a common ancestor. The benefit of knowing your haplogroup is gaining clarity into your own DNA.

23andme offers consumers a number of other benefits, including informing them about their risks of developing certain medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. They are hoping to reach millions more users with a new genetic report on diabetes.

How is 23andMe Different From Other DNA Testing Companies?

23andMe uses genetics-based ancestry reports to offer up the most effective tools to analyze your DNA. This helps to trace familial history and lineage throughout time. Other DNA testing products are records based and attempt to link you to family members by using records like birth, death and marriage certificates. 23andMe can look deeper into your DNA history and will show you the percentage of DNA that comes from different populations around the world.

23andMe has one of the largest genotype databases in the world with over 5 million records and as more people sign up for the 23andMe DNA testing services you will have the opportunity to find new family members. Many of 23andMe’s customers have been members for a number of years and they continue to find new connections and history as time goes on.

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