HomeDNA’s mission is empowering you with valuable information contained in your DNA. HomeDNA makes easy, at-home genetic testing accessible and affordable. The tests are about as simple as it comes, just use a cheek swab and drop the postage paid package in the mail.

HomeDNA has their own lab and offers a private service and will never sell any of your data to 3rd party companies.

HomeDNA’s mission is to create affordable home DNA tests to help you answer the question – where did I come from? After all, doesn’t everyone ask themselves this question from time to time? HomeDNA goes beyond broad ethnic categories used by other companies and looks for precise geographic locations to determine ancestral origins.

How does the HomeDNA Ancestry Test Kit work?

Three easy steps will get you information on your DNA heritage:

  • Buy & Register your kit – click here to order your DNA kit from HomeDNA
  • Collect DNA – use the swab kit to collect a DNA sample and mail back to the lab
  • Receive Your Results – after your results are analyzed you’ll get the results within 6 weeks

What do I get in the HomeDNA Ancestry Test Kit?

1 – detailed step-by-step instruction book

4- cheek swabs for collecting DNA

1 – DNA sample envelope for secure sample delivery

1- Prepaid return mailer with tracking

Will HomeDNA sell my DNA information?

HomeDNA does not sell your information. As a result, your personally identifiable information (PII) will be kept completely confidential and isn’t sold or shared unless HomeDNA is legally required. You can review HomeDNA’s privacy policy here. As a rule, you can tell HomeDNA how you want information shared.

Who is HomeDNA?

HomeDNA provides at-home genetic tests to give you important answers about your DNA and family relationships both past and present. Subsequently, HomeDNA is one of the leaders in the home testing industry. HomeDNA is a product of DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), and they have created the following tests:

    HomeDNA™ Ancestry Analysis + Report

    Home DNA™ Healthy Weight Analysis + Report

    HomeDNA™ Paternity Analysis + Report

    HomeDNA™ Skin Care Analysis + Report

Founded in 1995, the DDC believes that DNA testing should be accessible and affordable. They built its reputation based on a commitment to reliability and value by offering high-quality DNA testing services. Their laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio is nationally and internationally recognized through accreditations. DDC has established a reputation by securely handling over 10 million DNA samples.

To summarize, if you are looking for industry standard ancestry DNA tests HomeDNA has you covered. In addition to the standard tests, HomeDNA has also created successful testing products that analyze paternity and skin care. Coupled with a history rich in research and development, HomeDNA sets the standard for home DNA testing.