LivingDNA is a recent entry in the home DNA testing industry. Started in 2016 by the founders of DNA Worldwide, to help you learn more about your family history. LivingDNA is made up of over 100 leading scientists, researchers and genetic experts all dedicated to making highly accurate DNA testing affordable.

LivingDNA offers advanced genetic testing which goes passed simple family history but includes your maternal DNA (mtDNA) as well as paternal DNA (T-DNA) in one simple and easy to use test. They provide you with highly accurate DNA tests going back 10 or more generations.

DNA Testing from Living DNA

LivingDNA offers one ancestry DNA test. LivingDNA focuses on one DNA test and has made it the most-respected in the DNA testing industry.


LivingDNA ancestry test retails for $99. Coupons and sales are rare since the LivingDNA ancestry test are considered a market leader. The quality of the results makes $99 an excellent value for most people. You are guaranteed to learn something new about your heritage.

The LivingDNA Home DNA test kit is one of the best values in the market today. For $79 plus shipping, you will get your testing kit with cheek swab that will begin to open new worlds of possibilities. You will begin to uncover details about your ancestors that lived over the last 80,000 years. If you purchase online today, when will the LivingDNA kit arrive? Based in the UK, USA or Europe you will receive your kit in 5 – 7 business days. Based anywhere else in the world, expect 10 – 20 business days for delivery.


  • Offer one very accurate test – 3-1 test includes Family Ancestry, Motherline, and Fatherline
  • High level of detail for ancestry from the British Isles
  • Optional coffee table booklet of testing results


  • No online community to help self-serve genealogy research
  • Genetic Family Matching feature in beta (as of February 2019), other competitors have proven family finder tools


4 Stars

LivingDNA offers one of the easiest DNA tests on the market today. Deciding which product to buy is simple and easy because there is only one test! The 3-1 analysis provides you a highly accurate test when other competitors offer bundled packages to meet this level of quality. While LivingDNA is still working on a robust family finder or matching service, their DNA test is a great value. The testing results are laid out in a way that anyone can understand, and they really limit the use of technical terms and industry jargon. The results are clear and utilize graphics to explain the story. LivingDNA is very highly rated and reviewed when it comes to customer service, the words most often used to describe them is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

DNA Collection: Taking the LivingDNA Test

Once you order your LivingDNA test, you will receive it within 5 – 7 days. They also offer express shipping to receive your test kit within two days.

You will need to register your test online with LivingDNA, thus establishing confidentiality between you and the testing facility as well as create a chain of custody for your sample. The LivingDNA test kit is as simple as they come, a cheek swab. Follow the directions and swab the inside of your cheek. Put your sample in the provided vial, seal it and send it into the laboratory. There is no age limit for taking LivingDNA’s tests; all you need to do is follow the directions.

Understanding the Results

After 10 – 12 weeks you should receive an email from LivingDNA letting you know your results are ready. The results are available online, and there are quite a few provided tools that help you understand the DNA test results.

LivingDNA also offers you a hard copy of your test results. The same is not true for 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), or Ancestry. The book of DNA test results does have an additional cost, but many folks prefer to have it permanently printed out.

Family Ancestry Test

Family Ancestry, also known as autosomal DNA results, show the presumed geographic origin of your ancestors. Within this section of results, you will see a map (Family Ancestry Map) with percentages, and you can drill down into sub-regions for an even closer inspection. LivingDNA provides charts and graphs to help visualize the past 4 – 5 generations of your family, broken out by sub-region. Location the Family Ancestry section of the report is the Through History sub-section. The Through History map allows you to follow the path your ancestors took throughout history. The map also comes with interactive features like a play button which starts a movie showing the movement of your ancestors over time. LivingDNA also provides engaging pictures and notes that relate to the specific period in the report. The Through History section of the ancestry test is one of the key features that make the LivingDNA stand apart from other DNA tests.

Motherline Test

The Motherline section of the results focuses on mitochondrial DNA which is the DNA you inherit from your mother. LivingDNA provides estimates of your relation to maternal lineage dating back over 200,000 years. Your maternal haplogroup will be established and linked, most likely to ancestors from early Europe or possibly Africa! The Motherline Coverage Map shows how prevalent your maternal DNA is today when compared to other individuals and groups. The Motherline Migration Map results show the path your ancestors used to get to the areas established earlier in the LivingDNA reporting. The last section in the Motherline reporting is the Phylogenetic Tree which helps connect the dots back to the earliest humans on Earth. This report has some great information but lacks the detail necessary to make it as useful as the other reporting.

Fatherline Test

The Fatherline results contain the same sections as the Motherline results. The Fatherline testing is based on the Y chromosome in males and can cover up to 180,000 years of lineage. The Coverage Map shows where those who share your paternal traits are most common. The Migration Map is a cool feature and fun to see the path your ancestors took through history. Hopefully, you will see many different results from the Motherline test results indicating your parents came from two very distinct and separate areas. The Phylogenetic Tree results included in the Fatherline section need some improvement to be more valuable.

Overall Recommendation

For a price of $99, this all-in-one ancestry test is a great value. While it does take 10 – 12 weeks to get your DNA test results from LivingDNA, the test is still very affordable. When compared to other tests available today, LivingDNA’s Ancestry is one of the most recommended for providing you a full picture at an affordable price. Contact LivingDNA to order your kit today.


What is LivingDNA?

LivingDNA is a home DNA test provider. Starting at $99 you get the full picture into your family ancestry.

Can you upload DNA to LivingDNA?

Yes, you can upload test results from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA).

How do you find relatives using DNA?

Take a home DNA test like the all-in-one test offered by LivingDNA.

How accurate are DNA ancestry tests?

LivingDNA offers one of the most accurate 3 in 1 DNA tests on the market today. The accuracy of the tests is related to the size of the database provided by the testing company.