Living DNA is a team of over 100 world-leading scientists, researchers and DNA experts from around the world. They launched the Living DNA testing product in 2016 but the parent company DNA Worldwide Group has been in business since 2004. The Living DNA team is fully accredited and certified to ensure the highest level of quality and integrity. You can read more about their policies.

How Do Living DNA Tests Work?

Living DNA provides one of the most comprehensive 3 in 1 home DNA tests on the market today. With a single swab of your cheek tissue, you can find out the following DNA information:

  1. Your Family History through decoding of Ancestry – Living DNA test results will show you percentage breakdowns for your specific ethnicity makeup across 80 different worldwide regions.
  2. Discover your Mother’s ancestry – Living DNA test results will help trace your mother line origins back over a thousand years and you will see the path your maternal ancestors took to get to you.
  3. Discover your Father’s ancestry – Living DNA test results can map the route taken by your father line showing the specific paternal ancestors from the past all the way up to current day.

How does Living DNA’s test work?

Living DNA’s test couldn’t be easier, just purchase a kit, swab your cheek and send it to the lab for testing. Within a few weeks you will receive your personalized DNA test results. Privacy is very important these days and with Living DNA your data is never shared and is secure and confidential. You also can delete all your data whenever you want.

The Living DNA Home DNA test kit is one of the best values in the market today. For $79 plus shipping, you will get your testing kit with cheek swab that will begin to open new worlds of possibilities. You will begin to uncover details about your ancestors that lived over the last 80,000 years. If you purchase online today, when will the Living DNA kit arrive? If you are based in the UK, USA or Europe you will receive your kit in 5 – 7 business days. If you are based anywhere else in the world, expect 10 – 20 business days for delivery.

When will I get the Living DNA test results?

Once you have used the swab, you will need to go online to activate your kit. Once the kit has been activated, use the postage-paid return mailer to send your samples into the laboratory. Generally, you can expect about 10 – 12 weeks for the sample to be tested and the results to be sent to you. By the way, you may also get a free coffee table book made out of your DNA test results.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a very affordable and accurate DNA test then Living DNA tests should be your choice. The advanced 3 in 1 DNA test goes beyond other testing companies and provides the best value on the market today.